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Vídeo-tutorial: cómo presentar una propuesta de licitación para ITER

Guía: Documento con instrucciones de INDUCIENCIA para licitar en ITER



Instalación  Oportunidad  Deadline
ITER F4E-OMF-1308 - Preliminary design and final design of WCLL TBM set – Analysis and Design Validation 25/07/2022
ITER F4E-OFC-1326 - Hardware Acquisition Channel for Broader Approach 07/07/2022
ITER MS - Metrology Instrumentations and associated equipment 13/06/2022
ITER REF 857: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023565/CPT - Port Plugs Mechanical Instrumentation design and qualification, and Tokamak Systems Monitor interfacing sensors specification 07/06/2022
ITER REF 856: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023489/BBE - Mechanical engineering expert for the FDR (Final Design Review) of the DMS 06/06/2022
ITER REF 855: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023505/CPT - Diagnostic Data Management and Coordination 07/06/2022
ESO Próximas licitaciones para el ELT ??/??/2022
ITER REF 850: IO/22/OT/10023308/ERA Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Development of a Mechanical Pellet Launcher 27/04/2022
ITER REF 849: IO/22/CFT/7-826/VML - Operation & Maintenance Activities ITER Power Distribution System 02/05/2022
ITER CfN REF 848: Contract for ITER Cryodistribution system installation works including design, manufacturing and delivery ofmaintenance platforms  ??/??/2022
ITER MAGNETS: Call for Interest on the resale of magnets manufacturing tooling  ??/??/2022
CERN MS-4763/EP - Provision of technical support for Particle Physics Experiments at CERN 24/05/2022
ITER REF 847: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023295/CPT - Diagnostic Expert Support for 55.G8 Erosion Deposition Monitor 02/05/2022
ITER F4E-AFC-1317 - Provision of Network Communication Services 10/05/2022
ITER MS Cryostat Lower Bellows Cell 27/04/2022
ITER REF 845: IO/22/OT/70000810/FMR PIN: Paint Touch Ups in Tokamak Complex Buildings 06/04/2022
ITER REF 844 : Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023281/ADC - Senior Mechanical Designer for Preparation of In-Vessel Assembly tender and contract  15/04/2022
ITER REF 843: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023184/BBE - Project Integration of 55 BT Neutron Facility and Neutron diagnostics 14/04/2022
ESO RFI - Sistema de calibración para espectrógrafos de alta resolución 11/04/2022
ITER F4E-OMF-1327 - Provision of Metrology Support Services 17/05/2022
ITER F4E-OPE-1165 - Supply of JT-60SA NHF Elements  17/05/2022
ITER F4E-OPE-1051 - Supply of Solid State Power Amplifiers  10/05/2022
ITER REF 841: Call for Expertise IO/22/CFE/10023127/CPT: Expert support to Heat and Imaging Instrumentation 08/04/2022
ITER REF 842: IO/22/OT/70000788/KJT PIN: Services for Commissioning support 28/03/2022
ITER REF 840: IO/22/OT/23173/JPA PIN: Procurement of IO PIC Local Air Coolers for B11-L5 SIC rooms 17/03/2022
SKAO Fabricación de tarjetas electrónicas de Banda 1 ??/??/2022
DONES Obras de los edificios de Administración y visitas, Control de accesos, Almacén y urbanización 28/04/2022
DONES Dirección facultativa de edificios para DONES 22/04/2022
SKAO Fabricación de subreflectores de frecuencias medias ??/??/2022
ITER REF 838: CFN Instrument and Control (I&C) Cubicle Maintenance Service 27/03/2022
ITER REF 839: IO/22/CFT/23077/FMR - Design and Build Contract for the adaptation and extension of Building 56' 27/03/2022
ESRF CFT-003201- Assistance for the mechanical drafting office for the ESRF 22/03/2022
ITER AFC-1322 - Chairperson of the panel of Adjudicators - Provision of Adjudication Services in relation to Disputes arising under the Building 28/03/2022
ITER REF 838: CFN - Instrument and Control (I&C) Cubicle Maintenance Service 27/03/2022
ESO Request for Information: Paranal Integrated Operations Programme 14/03/2022
ITER NEUTRAL BEAM: supply of 800t of steel plates 04/03/2022
ITER DIAGNOSTICS: Sub-assemblies and Components Manufacturing and Supply-Market 04/03/2022
ITER REF 837: IO/22/CFT/10022700/VML - Supply of electricity via the 400kV RTE network and role of Balance Responsible Entity (BRE) 10/03/2022
ITER REF 836: IO/22/OT/10022446/JLE Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Supply of Disruption Mitigation System 02/03/2022
ITER REF 835: IO/22/OT/10022133/EBT Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Update of the ITER Preliminary Safety File (RPrS) 22/02/2022
ITER REF 834: IO/22/OT/70000756/LLU Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Manufacturing Engineering Support for Diagnostic Ports 25/02/2022
ITER REF 833: IO/22/OT/70000769/LLU Prior Indicative Notice (PIN): Support of Requirements Preparation and Follow-up 25/02/2022
ESO Call for Tenders - VLT/VLTI Common SW infrastructure and software of LPO 28/02/2022
ILL Sourcing request 22-11 Outsourced engineering platform services 24/02/2022
ITER REF 829: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10022615/KJT - Common Engineering Support for Equatorial Port #08 and #17 with Disruption 02/02/2022
ITER Supply of 14 I&C floor-standing cabinets and 34 wall mounted enclosures cabinets  17/02/2022
ITER F4E - CRYOPLANT and FUEL CYCLE: [OPE-1249] COLD VALVE BOXES Market Survey  14/01/2022
ITER REF 828: CFE Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis and Structural Assessment of Equatorial Port #17 Port Plug with Integrated Disruption Mitigation System   ??/??/2022
ITER REF 827 : Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10022599/KJT - Diagnostic Interface Engineering 20/01/2022
ITER REF 826: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10022610/CPT - Detailed thermal and structural design of 6 Diagnostic First Walls 31/01/2022
ITER REF 824: IO/21/CFT/70000771/LLU - Service Framework Contract for Qualification and manufacturing of ITER diagnostic windows 10/01/2022
ITER REF 823: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10022621/KJT - Expert support for the DMS Cryogenics engineering and integration expert activities 12/01/2022
ITER REF 822: IO/21/OT/100-209046/LLU (PIN) - Manufacture and Trialling of Ex-Vessel Optic Fibre Test Piece and Manufacture of 2 Ex-Vessel Full Length Fibre Optic Bundles ??/??/2022
ITER F4E-AMF-1121 - Provision of ICT Support, Managed and Consultancy Services on Time & Means and Fixed Price Basis to Fusion for Energy  20/01/2022
ITER F4E-OFC-1298 - Maintenance of The Radio Frequency Power System of LIPAc and the Magnet Power Supply System of JT-60SA 31/01/2022
ITER F4E-OPE-1174 - Design and manufacturing of Neutral Beam Cryolines, Cryojumpers and Johnston couplings 17/02/2022
ITER REF 820: Call for Expertise IO/21/CFE/10022590/INU - Support for Propellant Modelling of Disruption Mitigation System 03/01/2022
ITER REF 821: IO/21/CFT/10022580/JLE - Contract for Hot Cell Complex Project 27/01/2022


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